Sycuan Casino, San Diego Uses Kaleidoscope To Make Important Business Decisions

Posted June 14, 2010, 10:37 a.m.

Sycuan Resort Casino was the beta site and first go-live installation for Kaleidoscope, and therefore has the richest data set, and most experience in using the Kaleidoscope tools, of any casino on the Kaleidoscope Network.

Sycuan has been using the interest survey and daily polls to make important business decisions and has been especially pleased with the feedback section, and the information players have provided.

The Sycuan Marketing department addresses each and every comment that reflects any shortcoming in players' expectations regarding service satisfaction; Kaleidoscope allows them to address service recovery issues almost immediately, and of course, they are able to measure the players value, which sets priority for the type of response and from whom within the casino.

The casino generates bi-monthly emails notifying players with expiring offers that their offer will be invalid in 5 days. This one feature generates revenues that would not otherwise exist and pays for the Kaleidoscope license, as well as creating significant revenue on top of that.

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