Media Placement and Media buying based on your player data

Media choices are constantly increasing. Now, more than ever before, the life of a media planner is a seemingly nonstop bombardment of emails and sales people with the newest and best way to reach potential customers – always supported by "some kind of data!"

Think about the traditional media research that we have been slave to forever. How reliable is it really? When a few hundred people are asked their attitudes on casinos based on having gone to a casino at least once in the past year – is that really telling information? Does it really define casino players and their media choices?

Kaleidoscope's Interest Surveys provide data that is far superior to any other information ever available about casino players before. Kaleidoscope zeros in on real player attributes and their media choices. When you know what your real players read, watch, listen to and what internet sites they visit, by their value to the casino, it is easy to spend your media dollars more effectively.

Kaleidoscope's Daily Poll Feature gathers immediate information about timely media opportunities. Just ask your players and they will answer your questions and help you guide your media decisions and spend your budget most wisely.

Here is a day-in-the-life story of how Kaleidoscope can work for you:

A real casino Kaleidoscope user was determining whether or not to invest in a TV morning show segment and, if so, which station to use. The casino reached out to its customers via the Kaleidoscope Poll Feature and asked which morning show each player woke up to.

The initial analysis showed one of the major network's local affiliate as the hands down winner...on further inspection, when filtered by value (over $200.00 per month, over xx trips per month and xxxxxxxxx), the station preferred by the masses fell to the lowest ranking and the station formerly ranked the lowest became the highest ranked.

Moral of the story: Kaleidoscope can help you make informed, intelligent decisions about how your players of value think and help you to target media dollars towards people who think and behave like them, giving your media investment the highest ROI – And it is factual, non-biased market research that you direct.