Ask your most valuable players which acts they want to see.

Perhaps of all the marketing responsibilities in a casino, none is more high profile than booking events and entertainment, and none has less real data to rely upon during the decision making process. Each concert and each event is costly, and at the end of the day, those who made the decisions about the entertainment are somehow held responsible if the show didn't perform to expectations.

You book entertainment for various reasons and to attract various audiences. Now you can match your goals to the players most likely to appreciate and come to a particular event or concert.

You have at your disposal the biggest focus group in the world!

Have an opportunity to book one of several headliners that seem to make sense? Use Kaleidoscope's Daily Poll feature to ask your most valuable players which acts they want to see.

It is amazing what information our players will give us – if we just ask them!

Kaleidoscope's Interest Surveys tell you what stations players listen to and what type of music they prefer. You will know this information on players by their value to the casino, their age, gender and a host of other important metrics.

That's not where it ends, though. Use Kaleidoscope's RSVP Feature to invite players and to accept their invitations.

Kaleidoscope is changing the way we make decisions about events and entertainment by providing a way to communicate with players and ask them their preferences about music and events.