Interest surveys based on their value, age, and other metrics.

A few years ago, given your demographics, it is doubtful that 1 out of 4 of your most valuable players would have embraced the internet.

However things have changed...

Kaleidoscope provides information on your players never attained before, through property interest surveys based on their value, age, and a host of other metrics.

Kaleidoscope's Interest Surveys can now zero-in on offers, based on what your players have told you they want to receive.

How much effort do we spend sending hotel offers to players that don't need them, food offers to players that don't want them, etc.? With Kaleidoscope the guessing game is over.

Kaleidoscope's RSVP feature and Direct Email Capabilities allow you to interact directly with specific selected segments of your database. The cost to communicate to these players is minimal by comparison to the cost of preparing a short-run mailer to reach just a few select, but important, players.

Kaleidoscope is continuously updating player information. Our automated Offer Expiration Feature has proven to generate new revenue; it has clearly demonstrated time and again that offers that would have gone unused turn into "found money" because of the timely reminder that Kaleidoscope generates.