Service recovery based on real time interest surveys from your players.

Kaleidoscope's Product and Service Survey was written in partnership with the Department of Statistical Research at Pepperdine University. It is designed to be administered to a significant population and scored at measured intervals so that regressive analyses can be conducted to determine the effects of the casino's ongoing service training efforts – by department.

The Casino industry rode the crest of technology for many years, making the guests' experience faster, more convenient and more exciting – through systems. As one casino inched ahead, the others caught up by installing bigger and better systems.

Then the economy took a tumble, and where did the guests go? To the casinos that had carefully concentrated on top-notch customer service. In today's coupon-clipping world where establishing loyalty is a constant battle, the properties that have exceeded their guests' expectations rise to the top. Having the latest and greatest systems is of little or no advantage.

Kaleidoscope's Product and Service Survey is automatically sent to guests that have utilized your higher-end amenities such as hotel, gourmet or steakhouse restaurants, golf courses, etc. The survey reflects the guests' satisfaction during their most recent trip to your property and can be set with triggers to notify your property designees so that in the event of dissatisfaction service, recovery can begin immediately.

The survey queries guests in all aspects of their visit including the games they played, the hotel room number they stayed in, and the time of day they used each amenity.

The survey is modular so that it reflects only games and amenities available at your property. It specifically identifies your individual amenities by name, and if a guest has not participated or used a particular amenity, they easily skip to the next set of questions. Since guests rarely use every amenity at the property in a single visit, the time to complete the survey by each guest is minimal.

Easy-to-use reports accumulate this data so that trainers and department managers can detect trends in service levels by shift, by day.

With Kaleidoscope you can zero-in and recognize employees that are fully engaged ambassadors of your property; conversely, those that are not engaged can be allowed the training opportunity to reestablish your guest service culture, with the understanding that they are responsible for their actions, and they are monitored through the eyes of your guest.